Can foreigners Buy Property in Bali?

Many overseas property investors are now seeking Bali real estate investment properties as an alternative investment option. The popularity of Bali for foreigners is due to the fact that the government has made a number of significant improvements to the availability of properties for foreign investors. This is also due to the fact that the government has made it easier for foreign investors to obtain a Bali residential visa. If you are planning to invest in real estate in Bali, you need to know if you can buy property from overseas. In order to be familiar with the different types of properties available for investment in Bali, we have come up with the following guide.

Residential Property - The primary choice of foreign investors is usually to purchase residential properties in Bali. These types of properties generally fall into three categories: villas, houses, and complexes. Villas are ideal for long-term or retiring investors and are relatively easy to rent. On the other hand, houses are more suitable for tourists and longer-term stays. Complexes are the most expensive of all property investment options but they allow you to buy property within a restricted area.

Business Property - Many people also opt for this kind of real estate investment because they consider it as an alternative investment option when the market in their home country is slow or worse. Business properties can also be termed as development property. They are best suited for those who want to expand their business operations beyond their home country.

Commercial Property - The second most popular choice for foreigners is commercial property in Bali. This type of property is often purchased for investment. For instance, foreigners who own hotels or restaurants in another country can purchase plots of land in Bali. Foreigners can also choose apartments or condominiums to be rented out. Buying property in Bali for commercial purposes will depend on the laws and regulations of the country where the property is intended to be used.

Government-insured Property - Most countries allow foreigners to buy properties with government-insured status. These properties are secured by the government and its insured parties. If the property has damages due to natural calamities such as fire or earthquake, the government will shoulder the cost of repair. In return, the buyer will shoulder all the cost of insurance. However, properties purchased in Bali with government-insured status are not subject to market appraisal and tax valuation.

Resale Property - These are some of the more popular choices for foreign investors. These are typically residential properties bought for resale. For example, foreigners looking for a place to live can buy a villa in Seminyak, Bali. Or, if they want a bigger investment, they may choose to build a resort in Denpasar.

Foreclosures - Another popular option for foreigners looking to buy property in Bali? Foreclosures, or real estate investments that are put up for sale on the market. If you buy a property at a repossessed property auction, there will be a variety of properties to choose from. This includes villas in the islands and resorts. There are many repossessed auctions held in various areas in Bali each month, some starting months after a new year begins.

Buying property in Bali? If so, one of your first concerns must be local government policies. The rules and regulations differ in different parts of the island. Be sure to find out before making any investment decision. Doing so could possibly save you from any surprises related to laws and regulations.

Business deals - One other popular avenue for foreign investors in Bali is through business transactions. While the laws and regulations of buying and selling property in Bali are different, there are still some avenues for such investment. Many foreigners work as consultants in Indonesia and take advantage of the Bali property market. Others opt for outsourcing jobs that they can do from Bali to other parts of the world.

Both these options can bring good profits to foreign investors, especially during the low points of the year when the prices are the highest. However, it is best for foreigners to keep a long distance from such market peaks since fluctuations in the foreign exchange rate are also very unpredictable. That is why it is also important for them to hire a reliable financial advisor who can provide them with reliable investment and banking advice.

These are just some of the common investment options for foreign nationals. There are also a lot more depending on the nature of the property they want to buy. The rules and regulations of buying property in Bali are different depending on the country where they live. Generally speaking, foreigners can purchase any property they want as long as they follow the law and the specific rules of the property market in their country. As long as they follow the law and engage in legally legitimate transactions, they will be able to benefit from the property sale.

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